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What is the Electronic Project Record System - Electronic Payrolls?

The Electronic Project Record System (EPRS) - Electronic Payrolls is an online program offered by the Texas Department of Transportation. The EPRS - Electronic Payrolls allows contractors working for TxDOT to submit their payrolls over the internet instead of mailing in a paper copy of their payroll.


I need help. Who do I contact?

For questions that are not answered here, contact CST_EPRS.


Does EPRS support FireFox or any browser other than Microsoft Internet Explorer?

Yes. To the best of our knowledge, all graphical browsers are compatible with EPRS. Please note that Javascript must be enabled for all features to work correctly.


I bookmarked one of the pages on your website, but when I try to go straight to it I get sent to an error page. What’s going on?

When you try to go straight to a page that shows information about an uploaded file or edits information in that file, there is nothing on the server for you to view or edit. You have to first upload a file from your computer before you can view or edit anything. The recommended solution is to bookmark the Main Menu, and follow the links to the action you want to perform.


I use Internet Explorer 10 and nothing is working correctly!

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 10 does not correctly render some features of EPRS. You must enable "Compatibility View" in the Tools menu for these features to work.


How do I get a user account for EPRS?

Contractor login ID’s are issued to persons within contractor organizations who typically sign legally binding paper documents and wish to legally sign and submit digital versions of EPRS payrolls. To obtain a TxDOT login ID, complete and submit form 2451, found here: . This form must be signed by the person requesting the login ID and a person authorized to grant the requestor authority to sign documents on behalf of the contracting company.


Why do I have to change my password so frequently? And why must my password be so complex?

TxDOT's internet security policy dictates these requirements. The frequent changing of user passwords and the password complexity rules help protect against unauthorized access of TxDOT data.


What are the password requirements?

Your password:

  • Must be at least 8 characters long.
  • Must be no more than 28 characters long.
  • Must include at least 1 number.
  • Must have at least 1 lowercase letter.
  • Must have at least 1 uppercase letter.
  • Must not include any of the following values: password test.
  • Must not include part of your name or username.
  • Must not include a common word or commonly used sequence of characters.
  • Must not have been used previously(in the last year).
  • Must be changed every 90 days.


How can I edit my payroll using your website?

From the main page click on “Upload Payroll”. Then select one of the Upload options. On the next page, either type in the location and filename of the file you want to upload, or click on “Browse” to navigate to it and “OK” to select it. Then click on “Upload Payroll File”. If there were any errors processing the file, you will be directed to an intermediate page.  If possible, click on "Continue with this file", at which point you will be directed to the FileMenu page.  If there were no errors, you immediately go to the FileMenu page.  The FileMenu page looks like this:


Note: There is a text area listing information, warning and fatal error messages. Information messages are shown in green and do not affect your submission in any way. Warning messages are shown in yellow. These warnings do not prevent the submission of your payroll, but may result in the payroll being flagged as a potential problem. Fatal messages are shown in red and will prevent your payroll from being submitted. As long as you see the links under the header “Select an action for the uploaded file”, you can proceed with modifying your file.

From this screen you can choose to submit the file, edit the file using our website, view the file in the browser, or download the file to your computer (before and after you make changes). If you find you don’t want to save any of the changes, simply click “Discard this file” and you will be redirected to the main upload page.

For more detailed information on editing payroll files on the EPRS website, consult the EPRS user guide.


I need to create a new payroll, and I want to do it using your website. How do I do this?

From the main screen, click on “Upload Payroll”. Then click "Create a new payroll data file". This takes you to the Edit screen. From here you can enter the information for the contractor, project, and as many employees as you need.

Note: You can only enter information for one project and one contractor at a time. If you wish to enter a second project for the same contractor, or a second contractor for the same project, you will have to start a new payroll by clicking the "Add a new payroll" button.

As you are entering information, you can click “Apply” to save the information without leaving this page. When you are done, click “Validate” to process the file and go to the File Menu page. If you decide you don’t want to keep any of the data you have entered, or you want to start over, click “Cancel” which will take you to the File Menu page, then click the "Discard this file/Return to Main Menu" link.

For more detailed information on creating and editing payroll files on the EPRS website, consult the EPRS user guide.

I have saved my payroll in your database, but now I need to change it. What do I do?

We archive all payroll data files saved in our database, so you cannot go in and edit a payroll that has already been submitted. However, you can resubmit a payroll, and the new payroll will take the place of the previous one in our database.

Note: The only fields that must be the same in both the old file and the new file are the week ending fields, the contractor ID field, and the project CCSJ field.

To resubmit a payroll you have saved on your computer:
Open the payroll file on your computer and make the appropriate changes. You can use your own payroll software or our website to make these changes. Then you can submit this payroll to our system.


I'm having trouble exporting my payroll from my payroll software, how can I get help?

Contact your payroll software vendor. TxDOT does not support or endorse any particular payroll software. However, we understand that some companies have been successful with the following software suites (listed alphabetically):

  • CSSI
  • Dexter & Chaney Forefront
  • Foundation Software
  • Job Power
  • Timberline Accounting System
  • Viewpoint


I tried to upload my payroll to your website, but got an error saying there were either not enough or too many fields in my file. What happened?

The most likely explanation is that you have too many or not enough commas in your data file. This is likely an export problem of your accounting software. Please contact your software vendor for help.


How do I print from the screen "View the file"?

When you wish to print the payroll data from the View Data screen, you should print the file in Page Layout Mode. This can be done in the following way: Click on File --> Page Setup... . In the Orientation box, select the option "Landscape" and click "OK". Then click on the printer icon and collect your printout.


How do I edit a payroll without using the web site?

The payrolls (saved as .csv files) can be manipulated using a text editor such as notepad. However, we recommend that you NOT use Excel to view or edit payrolls. Excel has some peculiar formatting that it will try and inflict upon the payroll, even if you only wish to view the file.


How do I complete a FHWA 1589 ARRA form with EPRS?

Click here to view a presentation on how to complete the form.


What is the monthly deadline for reporting ARRA 1589 employment data into EPRS?

The deadline is the 10th of each month.


Why is the EPRS ARRA website unavailable on the 11th day of each month?

TxDOT project offices use the 11th day of each month to process the last month's submissions. During this time the website is closed for edits or new submissions. The website will again open on the 12th.


Where can I learn more about FHWA ARRA reporting forms?