UIR User Acknowledgments and Responsibilities

  • As a regular UIR account holder ("User" or "Administrator" privilege level), you are a duly authorized representative of an agency that owns utility installations in the state right of way (ROW) who has the authority to submit and coordinate utility installation requests. Submission and/or coordination of installation requests in the state ROW by a regular UIR account holder commits the authorizing agency to all responsibilities and liabilities under state law in connection with the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of such installations. Account holders with a "Consultant" privilege level may be given restricted access to UIR, including the ability to prepare, but not submit, installation requests on behalf of the agency. TxDOT reserves the right to request a written certification from the agency documenting the authority given to the UIR account user to act as a duly authorized agency representative.

  • As a regular UIR account holder, you can use this web site to prepare, submit, and track utility installation requests. You agree to provide all necessary data, justification, and files needed to generate online versions of the Notice of Proposed Installation (NOPI) form and to facilitate a thorough review and assessment of feasibility of the proposed installation within the state right of way by TxDOT. All utility installations must comply with existing rules and regulations, including the Utility Accommodations Rules and applicable specifications and special provisions attached to NOPI approval forms.

  • UIR enables you to upload drawings and other documentation depicting the location of existing and proposed installations in a variety of supported file formats. To facilitate the review and document archival process, UIR generates PDF versions of files uploaded through the UIR interface. It is your responsibility to review each PDF file generated to ensure all pages are legible (including line work, labels, annotations, and dimensions) and every sheet prints completely, correctly, and is legible on 11x17 inch paper. To ensure legibility, the minimum acceptable font size on 11x17 inch paper prints is 8 points (a point is roughly equivalent to 1/72 of an inch).

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